Terms and Conditions

  • We have 14 days return policy. You cannot return your pass after 14 days from purchase, for whatever reason.
  • Passes purchased later than 2025-05-01 may be returned only until 2025-05-14. By picking up your wristband at the festival office you automatically block the possibility to return the ticket.
  • The refund will be sent to the buyers account within 14 days from the refund request, in amount and currency of the purchase transaction according to the confirmation received.
  • You can resell your pass and change the name of the owner of the pass only once and not later than on 2025-05-01. A repurchased pass may not be resold again to another person. Such passes are not subject to 14-days return policy.
  • Changing the name of the pass requires a SURCHARGE of 100% of the difference between the price paid by the first owner and the price as of the day of the repurchace.
  • To resell your pass you need to send the data of the new owner to ieva@salsafestival.lt.
  • The organizer does not help to resell the passes.
  • It is possible only to upgrade your pass (eg. Party pass to Full pass).
  • In order to proceed with the exchange you need to notify that to the organizer and make a surcharge which is the current difference of the prices between the two passes, according to the festival’s pricing table on www.salsafestival.lt. The payment should be paid to the organizer’s bank account.
  • In case of a change to a cheaper pass there are no refunds of the difference between prices.
  • An upgraded pass is not subject to 14-days return policy.
  • Disputes regarding improper performance or non-performance of the contract out of court shall be examined in accordance with the procedure established by the Law on Consumer Protection of the Republic of Lithuania at the State Consumer Rights Protection Service, address Vilniaus st. 25, 01402 Vilnius, service@vvtat.lt, (8 5) 262 67 51, fax. (8 5) 279 1466, website www.vvtat.lt. You can apply electronically via the EGS platform http://ec.europa.eu/odr/
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