Tomas & Viktorija

Tomas has been familiar with Latin Social dance world for already 8 years.
During this time he has collected experience in Salsa, Batchata and Kizomba during various international
festivals. Social dance is his favourite part to express himself and enjoy the dance.
He is also an active member of Salsa Kaunas show team, which is a regular guest on the international
Together with various Salsa and Bachata projects this group ir traveling through out the Europe and
beyond enrolling more and more fans.
Tomas is also sharing his knowledge in the local dance school, educating and trying to inspire a new
generation of dancers.
She has joined Salsa Kaunas school 4 years ago. Being a determined and talented she quickly proved
herself to be a true diva on the dance floor.
Sharing the same passion for Latin social dances she has not only been helping Tomas with the classes
but also is a true partner in crime during performances with Salsa Kaunas show team.
Together they share a charismatic energy not only on dance floor but in their classes as well.

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