Rodrigo Cortazar (Mexico)

He is one of the best known dancers of Salsa in the world and stands out for his energy, talent, technique and charisma, both on stage and in social dance. Born in Veracruz, Mexico, Rodrigo Cortazar is a dancer, choreographer, has a talent for singing, an inexhaustible energy and a broad knowledge of the history of Mambo / Salsa. He will be for the the first time in Portugal to teach, perform and share with us this knowledge and experience. This artist has more than 16 years of professional career, starting in the world of Salsa in his native Mexico with the pioneers Victor Burgos and Gabriela Bernal (Salsa con Clave). He then moved to Chicago where he trained with Sekou McMiller and the prestigious Descarga Caribe Dance Company. Throughout his career he has danced with ballet dancers such as Cristina Paredes, Selene Tovar, Carla Voconi and Venezuelan Bersy Cortez, his current Salsa partner. His training in the different variants of Salsa (Cuban, On1, On2) allowed him to develop his own style, which combines the best of two worlds: Cuba and New York. Besides being one of the favorite artists in the Salsa world, Rodrigo is an excellent teacher, captivating, capable of transmitting complex sequences deconstructed to the smallest detail. His musical training and experience as a singer allows him to have a rich view on musicality in dance. From Mexico to New York, passing through Cuba, this dancer promises to offer us a rich vision of Salsa as dance and culture.

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