Bersy Cortez (Venezuela/Spain)

Bersy Cortez, dancer, model and professional actress, was born in Caracas, one of the main salsa cities in the world, where she started
general and salsa dancing studies at the age of ten years old.

With only fourteen years old, she was teacher and choreographer of an amateur dancing company and at the age of sixteen years old she became dancer of the most important salsa group of Venezuela, “Imagen Latina”, with which she went all over the world.

At the age of twenty years old she moved to Spain, the country where she currently lives. She is manager and choreographer of “Bersy
Style”. She has also danced for the best salsa singers in the world as Oscar de León, El Gran Combo, Cheo Feliciano, Adalberto Santiago, Sonora Ponceña and many others.
She has taken part in shows of the greatest dancers in the world like Adolfo Indacochea, Fadi Fusion, till year was 1st dacer of the Master of masters Eddie Torres and she has starred several TV advertisements worldwide…She symbolises one of the most important salsa lady style in the world and she currently dances with one of the most important male salsa dancer in the world Rodrigo Cortazar.

Rodrigo Cortazar (Mexico)

He is one of the best known dancers of Salsa in the world and stands out for his energy, talent, technique and charisma, both on stage and in social dance. Born in Veracruz, Mexico, Rodrigo Cortazar is a dancer, choreographer, has a talent for singing, an inexhaustible energy and a broad knowledge of the history of Mambo / Salsa. He will be for the the first time in Portugal to teach, perform and share with us this knowledge and experience. This artist has more than 16 years of professional career, starting in the world of Salsa in his native Mexico with the pioneers Victor Burgos and Gabriela Bernal (Salsa con Clave). He then moved to Chicago where he trained with Sekou McMiller and the prestigious Descarga Caribe Dance Company. Throughout his career he has danced with ballet dancers such as Cristina Paredes, Selene Tovar, Carla Voconi and Venezuelan Bersy Cortez, his current Salsa partner. His training in the different variants of Salsa (Cuban, On1, On2) allowed him to develop his own style, which combines the best of two worlds: Cuba and New York. Besides being one of the favorite artists in the Salsa world, Rodrigo is an excellent teacher, captivating, capable of transmitting complex sequences deconstructed to the smallest detail. His musical training and experience as a singer allows him to have a rich view on musicality in dance. From Mexico to New York, passing through Cuba, this dancer promises to offer us a rich vision of Salsa as dance and culture.

Gil & Shelley (UK)

“The UK’s Best Salsa Performers”
Salsa Consultants, “Matilda” The Musical
Credited Dancers, “Cuban Fury” The Movie
Three Gold Stars Sky One’s “Got To Dance”
“The Home of World Championship Salsa in London”

Together as Pexava Dance Company, which means “Lightning Fast” in Mayan from Gil’s native Mexico, husband and wife Gil and Shelley are an explosive combination on stage and inspire students of every level in their lessons.

Gil is well-known internationally for his creative and unique turn patterns, musicality and shines which he teaches with an absolute emphasis on technique. Shelley is an infectiously enthusiastic and graceful dancer and a highly experienced teacher. Together they are widely acknowledged as among the UK’s most popular teachers and performers, with a deep knowledge and understanding of leading and following technique. Together Gil and Shelley, “The UK’s Best Salsa Performers”, have performed and taught at international professional level in over 20 countries and are the UK’s most in-demand professionals at European congress level. They have made numerous appearances on national TV including BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, are salsa consultants for the West End’s “Matilda” the Musical, they made it through to the Judges’ Shortlist on Sky One’s “Got To Dance”, winning 3 gold stars, plus they featured on the catwalk at Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model and were featured, credited dancers in the movie “Cuban Fury”. Gil and Shelley have both trained extensively in New York, Italy, and Puerto Rico and they bring you authentic technique, plus many years of experience from the studios and social dancefloors across the globe. They have both placed at salsa competitions recognised at World Championship level against competitors from all over the globe, including the likes of Adrian and Anita, Fernando Sosa (Tropical Gem), Junior and Emily and Oliver Pineda. Between them, titles include: twice UK Professional Champion, twice European Bronze and Silver medallists, World Semi-Finalist, World Bronze medallist and World fifth place (World Latin Dance Cup and World Salsa Open respectively).

Gil and Shelley have earned a reputation at world class level as social, competition and performance dancers and are without doubt amongst Europe’s best teachers, so come and learn their secrets!

Moe Flex (UK)

Moe Flex is one of the most exciting, inspiring and entertaining choreographers on the international Latin dance scene today! With the biggest smile in salsa, his boundless enthusiasm for dance is impossible to ignore and he has gained his reputation through sheer determination and talent. As a leading authority in the field of dance, rhythm and body movement, Moe’s unique style of teaching is now recognised Internationally and he takes his workshops and shows to congresses and events all over the world. By adding his own personal touch to everything he does, Moe makes every dance experience a positive and memorable one and always leaves you wanting more. He really is an inspiring and motivational role model for all performing artists and celebrities and has worked with the likes of Rolldeep, Tim Westwood, 50 cent, Blu Cantrell, Craig David, Guy Ritchie & Madonna.

Tamba & Emanuela (France/Italy)

He is French, she is Italian, and they are the new dancing couple to hit the International Salsa scene! Both very versatile dancers and performers, they have this undeniable passion for dancing which is contagious to whoever dances or learns with them. Tamba and Emanuela are a combination of technique, energy, style, and knowledge. In 2016, they decided to work together to bring something fresh to the scene and enthuse dancers, audiences and students alike. They are mainly known for their fusion style where they marry Salsa or Chachacha with Afro-Cuban movements and Rumba. They teach they dance with everyone, they love what they do, and most importantly they love to party!

Konstantin & Arcadia (Sweden)

Arcadia (Chile) & Konstantin (Russia) – a dance couple based in Stockholm, Sweden working together since 2013. Today they are among the main representatives of the Mambo & Salsa community in Sweden. Together they are working to keep the mambo alive in Scandinavia.
Both being experienced dancers with many years of background in different styles, such as jazz, street, modern, reggaeton and even classical, they work together to make great shows with focus on musicality, elegance and expression. Striving to always deliver a great experience for the audience.
Together they have traveled the world and studied and shared the stage with some of the most renowned dance teachers in the Salsa scene. They have performed and taught in countries around the world such as: USA, Russia, Spain, Germany, Holland, Norway, Denmark and many more.
Arcadia & Konstantin offer classes in Salsa on1, on2, mambo, cha-cha-cha, body- movement among others.

Theo Awadzi (Norway)

TheodoreWolashie Awadzi aka Theo is the founder of Dance-Drive. He was the UKIDO Kizomba Champion 2012 as well as the 2012 UKA salsa champion heldin Bolton.  His excellent teaching style has earnedhim recognition across the globe. His excellent teaching style andfun workshops have resulted in extensive travel around the world,teaching at congresses and festivals. In between travels he is based in Oslo, Norway where he has established the Kizomba scene over thepast few years.

Withroots from the West African Country of Ghana, Theo’s dancing andteaching love is not limited to Kizomba, but extends to Semba,Afro-house, Kuduro and Tarraxinha! He focuses on connection betweenpartners, footwork, body motion, Ginga and partner work .
Asidefrom teaching, Theo is also a sought after Kizomba DJ. 

1st Place British Open Professional Salsa Champion 2012 
1st Place Kizomba champion 2011
3rd Place British Open salsa Champion 2011
Joint 1ST British Open Salsa Showcase Champion 2010
4th Place British Open Salsa Champion 2010

Tomas & Viktorija (Lithuania)

Tomas has been familiar with Latin Social dance world for already 8 years.
During this time he has collected experience in Salsa, and Kizomba during various international festivals. Social dance is his favorite part of expressing himself and enjoying the dance.
He is also an active member of Salsa Kaunas show team, which is a regular guest on the international arena.
Together with various Salsa and Bachata projects, this group is traveling throughout Europe and beyond enrolling more and more fans.
Tomas is also sharing his knowledge in the local dance school, educating and trying to inspire a new generation of dancers.

Viktorija joined Salsa Kaunas school four years ago. Being determined and talented, she quickly proved herself to be a real diva on the dance floor.
Sharing the same passion for Latin social dances she has not only been helping Tomas with the classes
but also is a right partner in crime during performances with Salsa Kaunas show team.
Together they share charismatic energy not only on the dance floor but in their classes as well.

Carmine Finelli (Italy)

Eclectic dancer, he kicks off his Caribbean dances’ career in Italy, with the Cuban teachers who introduce him to the salsa world. He’s soon fascinated by all forms of dances: afro, tap, swing, and jazz are on his radar until he falls in love with hip hop. Here he focuses on old school techniques, and he specializes in house dance and new style.
Later on, he collects experiences in Europe and abroad, fine-tuning his training with the best teachers in London, Paris and New York. In the Big Apple, he discovers a massive passion for mambo thanks to the guidance of Eddie Torres, and he performs in Los Primos Latinos’ Festival.
Today Carmine teach salsa and hip hop, and he is an all-around dancer with a unique style, able to combine all influences and disciplines he learned in an authentic killer-formula.

Grupo Lucumi (Sweden)

Grupo Lucumi is a Latin dance group from Stockholm, Sweden. Versatile dancers with backgrounds in different styles, dedicated in the Swedish salsa scene, they come together in their passion for Mambo and Afro Cuban dances. Now they are making choreographies, teaching and sharing the love for the dance and the culture. Their numbers incorporate elements from traditional Afro-Cuban, Modern styles as well as New York mambo – ambition is always to spread joy and inspiration. Ricardo, Jenny, and Gustav are also working at Stockholm Salsa Dance, performing with their show team Alegria.