DJ Theo (Norvegija)

Theodore Wolashie Awadzi aka Theo is the founder of Dance-Drive. He was the UK IDO Kizomba Champion 2012 as well as the 2012 UKA salsa champion held in Bolton.  His excellent teaching style has earned him recognition across the globe. His excellent teaching style and fun workshops have resulted in extensive travel around the world, teaching at congresses and festivals. In between travels he is based in Oslo, Norway where he has established the Kizomba scene over the past few years.

With roots from the West African Country of Ghana, Theo’s dancing and teaching love is not limited to Kizomba, but extends to Semba, Afro-house, Kuduro and Tarraxinha! He focuses on connection between partners, footwork, body motion, Ginga and partner work .
Aside from teaching, Theo is also a sought after Kizomba DJ. 

1st Place British Open Professional Salsa Champion 2012 
1st Place Kizomba champion 2011
3rd Place British Open salsa Champion 2011
Joint 1ST British Open Salsa Showcase Champion 2010
4th Place British Open Salsa Champion 2010

DJ SalsaGroover (Lietuva)

Gediminas (aka DJ Salsa Groover). In 2006 Gediminas started selecting Latin music at the clubs around Lithuania. First five years of his career Gediminas played only Latin pop and at the same time developed the passion for to dance, started collecting and listening to salsa, cha cha cha, bachata, kizomba music. Eventually, he began his party brand “Golden feet Social” where he played music for social dancers only. “I always try to mix mambo, pachanga, guaguanco, salsa songs for dancers who enjoy on1 and on2, sensual and Dominican bachata, boogaloo, cha cha cha, and kizomba“, claims the DJ.

Grupo Lucumi (Švedija)

Grupo Lucumi – šou grupė iš Švedijos. Visi šokėjai Švedijos salsos sceną reprezentuoja sujungdami aistrą mambo ir Afro Cuban šokiams. Grupo Lucumi kartu veda šokių pamokas Stockholm Salsa Dance, kuria choreografijas ir pasirodo kartu su Alegria. Ricardo, Jenny ir Gustav Vilniaus salsos festivalyje pasiruošę pasidalinti džiaugsmu, kurį suteikia šokis.

DJ Leon (Švedija)

Diego Alberto Flores Leon, born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, is an IT student with a burning passion for Latin music. Growing up in a South American family he was always under the influence of Latin rhythms. Diego started his way dancing traditional Bolivian dances and later gained more interest in the Caribbean rhythms, which resulted in him taking his first salsa class in 2016. He currently dances for Stockholm Salsa Dance Alegria and will also perform on stage. DJ LEON is young, ambitious and making a name for himself in the salsa community in Stockholm. He has a mixed taste and will play salsa from different epochs and styles.

Viešbutis „Žemaitės“

Pasirinkę šį viešbutį, gyvensite visai šalia renginio.

Žemaites g. 15, LT-03118 Vilnius
Tel: +370 5 213 31 93

Apie viešbutį:

Norėdami rezervuoti kambarį, rašykite adresu su tema SALSA.

Vienvietis kambarys – 40 EUR/naktis
Dvivietis kambarys (1/2 žmonės) – 46 EUR/naktis
Liuksas (1/2 žmonės) – 70 EUR/naktis

Pagalvės mokestis 1 euras žmogui/parą

Pusryčiai įskaičiuoti

DJ Edvo

Edvardas aka DJ Edvo is an old-timer at Salsa Sisters dance school and a passionate salsa lover. He is now a regular DJ at SalsaSisters parties and an enthusiastic dancer on the dance floors of salsa parties in Vilnius and elsewhere. As a great music and rhythm lover he grabs his bass guitar once in a while to play with well known lithuanian alternative music bands.