Dimitris Psychogyios

Dimitris Psychogyios šoka jau 14 metų. Per tą laiką rengė šou ir mokė prestižiniuose salsos festivaliuose visame pasaulyje: Italijoje, JAV, Vokietijoje, Nyderlanduose, Rusijoje, Turkijoje, Didžiojoje Britanijoje, Lotynų Amerikoje, Austrijoje, Prancūzijoje, Graikijoje, Ukrainoje ir kt.

Dimitris taip pat yra dažnas šokių konkursų dalyvis ir nugalėtojas. Jo „sąskaitoje“ – tiek nacionalinių, tiek pasaulio čempionų titulai.

Šokėjas prieš 11 metų įkūrė mokyklą La Secta Dance Company. Tai – pirmoji NY salsos mokykla Atėnuose (Graikija).

Yolena Kapoli

Yolena Kapoli has been dancing for the last 17 years, starting with ballet, contemporary, modern dance and jazz, taking all the teacher’s RAD and ISTD London Academy diplomas! Since 2013 has been dancing Salsa and Bachata. Started at Fuera de Vista. She has performed to some of the most prestigious festivals & events all over the world such as: Milan, Berlin, Warsaw, Sofia, Bucharest, Istanbul, Beirut, Cyprus, Athens, Antalya, Eilat (Israel), Romania, Eskisehir and more. She has also took part in competitions, such as: (2017)•WLDC qualifiers Greece 2nd place- Salsa Solo Ladies Pro (2018)•Salsa Spring Dance Cup Greece 1st place- Salsa Solo Ladies Pro (2019)•Euroson Latino qualifiers Greece 1st place- Salsa Solo Ladies Pro (2019)•Salsa Spring Dance Cup Greece 1st place- Salsa Solo Ladies Pro In 2018 created a Bachata Ladies Team “IllumiNaughty” who has performed in some of the bigger events in Greece until now! For the last 2 years she is part of Dimitris y su Secta and La Secta Dance Company, the pioneers of NY style Salsa in Athens, Greece.

Moe Flex
Jungtinė Karalystė

Moe Flex is one of the most exciting, inspiring and entertaining choreographers on the international Latin dance scene! With the biggest smile in salsa, his boundless enthusiasm for dance is impossible to ignore and he has gained his reputation through sheer determination and talent. As a leading authority in the field of dance, rhythm and body movement, Moe’s unique style of teaching is now recognised Internationally and he takes his workshops and shows to congresses and events all over the world. By adding his own personal touch to everything he does, Moe makes every dance experience a positive and memorable one and always leaves you wanting more. He really is an inspiring and motivational role model for all performing artists and celebrities and has worked with the likes of Rolldeep, Tim Westwood, 50 cent, Blu Cantrell, Craig David, Guy Ritchie & Madonna.

AwardsMost popular teacher award 2006-2012
Most popular show award 2006
Special recognition award 2010
Performers of the year award 2012
Most popular dance performers award 2013

Emanuela Iafrate
Italija/Jungtinė Karalystė

Emanuela is an international artist, dancer, choreographer and teacher originally from Italy, and based in the UK. Emanuela has been dancing since the age of 6 when she started practicing ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip hop in some of the most prestigious dance accademies in Italy, where she gained national recognised dance qualifications. She started studying salsa and bachata in 2009 and instantly fell in love with it. She started training in afro/cuban, cuban salsa and salsa portoricana with some of the best dancers/teachers in Italy. After less than a year of training, she won the first place for Cuban partner work in a rigorous National Competition. Her passion for dancing and ambition to learn made her travel nationally and internationally to practice and study with other professional teachers/dancers in different dance styles, especially in salsa and bachata. She spent time in New York where she also started taking classes of Mambo On2 Emanuela’s expertise lie above all in Ladies styling and Body Movement. Her style is known to be elegant and unique, a fusion of technique and body movements that reflect her wide dance background. Based in the UK, she is involved in many dancing projects and teach classes, workshops and performs in the national and international scene on her own and with her dance partner Tamba Salsache’. She is invited to teach, perform and social dance in many Festivals and Events all over Europe, and in the United States, New York City. She loves sharing her passion, energy, and knowledge to all her students, colleagues and the people she dances with. She believes dancing and music has enabled her to discover a deeper meaning of life and she shares that message with everyone around her who’s ready to connect to it!

Konstantinas ir Arcadia

Arcadia (Čilė) ir Konstantinas (Rusija) susitiko Švedijoje, kur kartu šoka jau nuo 2013 metų. Ši pora laikoma Švedijos mambo ir salsos bendruomenės atstovais. Kartu jie daug dirba tam, kad palaikytų Skandinavijos salsos dvasią.

Tiek Arcadia, tiek Konstantinas šoka nuo vaikystės. Jų pagrindas – džiazo, gatvės, modernūs, klasikiniai ir reggaetono šokiai. Šokėjai pasakoja, kad toks pagrindas padeda jiems geriau įsigilinti į salsos muzikalumą ir eleganciją.

Arcadia ir Konstantinas daug keliauja po pasaulį, pasirodo ir veda pamokas kartu su garsiausiais salsos atlikėjais. Šokėjai savo patirtimis jau dalinosi JAV, Rusijoje, Ispanijoje, Vokietijoje, Nyderlanduose, Norvegijoje ir Danijoje.

Arcadia ir Konstantinas veda salsa on1, on2, mambo, cha cha cha ir kūno judesio pamokas.

Prancūzija/Jungtinė Karalystė

Tamba is an international Salsa dancer, teacher and performer who is known for his great versatility, amazing musicality, infectious positive energy and his impressive social dancing skills! Born in Paris with roots in Senegal, this personable, magnetic and charismatic maestro’s heritage is reflected in his breadth of ability, interpreting styles spanning from the New York style On1 and On2, to Chachacha and Son not to forget Cuban Salsa, the popular ‘Rueda de Casino’ and folkloric Afro-Cuban forms. Just name it, Tamba can dance it and most importantly he can teach it! Passionate, friendly and approachable, Tamba pays close attention to details and technique when he teaches. He really cares about his students so they make good and visible progress and always make sure they are in the best of learning atmospheres! At parties Tamba is known to dance like crazy as he absolutely loves it and if you see him leading Ruedas or Animations, be ready to be entertained one way or another!

Junior & Carolina
Švedija / Dominikos Respublika / Kolumbija

Junior Aquino was born in the Dominican Republic in 1987 and took his first dance steps as a child. Even as a young boy, Junior was captivated by the rhythms and started dancing bachata and salsa in parks, squares, streets and wherever music was played. For many years he studied bachata, salsa and other traditional and folkloric dance styles at Plaza de la Cultura in Bonao and at numerous dance schools all over the Dominican Republic. At nineteen years of age he became a representative of bachata in his hometown of Bonao when he started organizing competitions and other events.

Junior has been teaching bachata and salsa since 2008 in the Dominican Republic and is seen as one of the key people in the bachata scene in the DR. Since 2014 he has taught and performed at a number of congresses all over the world. He is the founder and owner of Keloke Dance Company who organizes Keloke Bachata Festival, the first all Dominican festival in Scandinavia, and Keloke Bachata Adventures, a dance tour in four different locations in the Dominican Republic.

Carolina Bustamante was born in Colombia in 1991 and from a young age she started to fall in love with dance. In 2007 Carolina left Colombia and moved to the north of Sweden but continued learning and taking dance classes by regularly travelling to the capital. In 2012 Carolina decided to move to Stockholm permanently to dedicate herself fully to the dance. Starting from zero with only a desire to dance and evolve she was soon working at Stockholm Salsa Dance teaching salsa, bachata and kizomba. She started travelling to congresses and festivals all over the world to learn more and decided to dedicate herself fully to bachata. During the years 2015 and 2016 Carolina spent many months in the Dominican Republic taking classes and dancing while falling even more in love with the Dominican culture.

Since July 2016 Junior resides permanently in Stockholm, Sweden, working with Carolina teaching bachata and salsa at Stockholm Salsa Dance in Stockholm. During the past years they and their Dominican Flow teams have participated in congresses and other events in France, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Israel, Australia and Russia to mention some. Their goal is to spread and share their knowledge of the Dominican culture to Europe and the whole world.

Theo Awadzi

Theodore Wolashie Awadzi aka Theo – šokėjas ir mokyklos Dance-Drive įkūrėjas. 2012 m. UK IDO Kizomba čempionas ir 2012 m. UKA salsa salsos čempionas, Theo pasaulyje garsėja unikaliu mokymo stiliumi. Todėl jis – dažnas svečias salsos festivaliuose ir kongresuose. Theo šiuo metu gyvena Norvegijoje.
Nors Theo daugiausiai moko kizombos, jis taip pat domisi ir moko  Semba, Afro-house, Kuduro ir Tarraxinha. Kaip pats sako, šokėjas daugiausiai dėmesio skiria ryšiui tarp šokėjų, kūno judesiui ir muzikalumui.

Gerardo & Damiano

Their duo was born not long ago, and they made their debut at the Italian championship by winning the title of vice-champions, then continuing with the title of European vice-champions until the final of Pasos libers world championship in Spain.They are ambassadors in the world of Berardi Style, and go between the various international congresses also together with their group “Agua Company” with which they have won numerous titles of champions. Specialized in mambo, Cuban Style and Bachata. They love in body movements and found the Salsa with afro and rumba movement.

Anna Bagdasarjan

Anna started dancing salsa 16 years ago. After she left professional theatre, she dedicated herself to dancing, and was one of the first salsa instructors in Latvia, and in just few years she started giving classes on congresses and festivals overseas. Anna is a dance fanatic, and although, salsa will remain her biggest love, she also gives “Body Movement”, “High Heels” and “Bollywood” classes. In 2020 her dance school, Salsa Lovers, celebrated 13 years of success. Students love her outgoing personality, which is full of passion and vitality, and her ability to communicate warmly which lead to dynamic and interesting lessons.